Donny Gray

CHESS Donny Headshot

Donny received the U.S. Master title in November 1988.  He is a two-time Arkansas Champion (1975 and 1978) and was the Georgia Co-Champion in 1995.  He was the U.S. Army Champion (1988 and 1989).  In 1988, he finished as the top USA player in the N.A.T.O. Championship in Aalborg, Denmark.   In 2000, he was the South Carolina Co-Champion, and he represented Georgia in the 2005 Champion of Champions tournament.  In 2007, he was the Georgia Senior Champion.

Donny has received the title of Master in U. S. Correspondence Chess,  Internet Chess Club blitz play, and U.S.C.F. online blitz play.  He is an official teacher on the ICC (Internet Chess Club).

Donny Gray’s website is

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