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Review: 2005 Releases from Everyman Chess

by • January 5, 2014 • Booked UpComments (0)1394

By Tim Brookshear A note on Peach Ratings: They are different than the conventional stars. 4 peaches: a classic that belongs in every library. 3: An excellent book. 2: A worthwhile book. 1: Duplicates material already available. Pit: Why did they even bother? Starting Out: Slav And Semi-Slav, by GM Glenn Flear. Everyman Chess, 2005. [&hellip...

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Building an Opening Repertoire

January 5, 2014 • Featured, Top Board5988

By John Lattier My father taught me how to play in the 1980s. We’d set up the wooden chess set on the kitchen table. He’d play 1. e4, and I would respond with 1…e5, and then he’d launch his entire army at my weak f7 square. I had no idea what to do. I...

Games: 2013 GA State Championship

January 1, 2014 • Games1373

John Lattier(2015)—Ruifeng Li(2310) 2013 GA St Champ’ship, 2013.05.03(1) 1. b3 e5 2. Bb2 Nc6 3. e3 Nf6 4. Bb5 Bd6 5. Na3 Bc5 6. Nc4 e4 7. Ne5 Nxe5 8. Bxe5 O-O 9. Bb2 c6 10. Be2 d5 11. h4 d4 12. Nh3 Qb6 13. Qc1 Nd5 14. Ba3 dxe3 15. fxe3 Rd8 16. Bxc5...