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Endgame Fundamentals – Zugzwang

by • April 1, 2015 • Endgame Fundamentals, FeaturedComments (0)1743

By Donny Gray If you have played chess for any length of time you soon find out that many times you wish you could have the option to pass on your move.  If you find yourself in that situation where no matter what move you make, you lose.  Congratulations!  You are in zugzwang! Zugzwang is [&hellip...

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krasenkow_the_triangle_setup (1)

The Triangle Setup – A Complete Defense Against 1.d4

April 1, 2015 • Booked Up, Featured2828

By Davide Nastasio Last year I played the Dutch and the English defense. While I had good experiences online with the Dutch, I really had bad experiences in tournament–where real chess is played! So this year I badly needed a makeup change in my opening...

Knight and Bishop

Endgame Fundamentals: Bishop and Knight Mate

March 1, 2015 • Endgame Fundamentals, Featured, Features, Top Board2068

By Donny Gray In over 30+ years of teaching, nothing instills fear into a student more than when I say, “Time to learn the bishop and knight checkmate!”  Usually the response is something like “NOOOOOOOO!!!!” Even high-rated players have...

Donny Fischer Larsen

Endgame Fundamentals: When Bishops Rule

February 1, 2015 • Endgame Fundamentals, Featured1114

By Donny Gray Last month we looked at the knights and when they can dominate the position. This month we will take a look at bishops. We will look at their strengths and their weaknesses. The biggest liability of a bishop, of course, is that it can only...

two knights

Endgame Fundamentals: When Knights Rule

January 1, 2015 • Endgame Fundamentals, Featured1561

By Donny Gray In this article we will look at knights and when they are better. Next month we will take a look at bishops and when they are better. When someone begins to learn chess, one of the first things you find out is the value of the pieces. Pawns...

tata chess image

Endgame Fundamentals: Fortress

December 1, 2014 • Endgame Fundamentals, Featured1130

By Donny Gray When you hear the term fortress in chess, exactly what does that mean? A fortress is when the side that is behind in material sets up a position around his king in such a way that it cannot be penetrated by the opponent. Knowing about such a...

Donny November 2014 Featured Pic

Endgame Fundamentals: Knowing the Concept

November 1, 2014 • Endgame Fundamentals, Featured1117

By Donny Gray Last time we discussed how even if a bizarre position never makes it to your game exactly, just knowing the concept of the problem goes a long way in your quest for chess knowledge. One of the examples we looked at is shown below....


Book Review: Bent Larsen’s Best Games – Fighting Chess with the Great Dane

November 1, 2014 • Booked Up, Featured1759

By Davide Nastasio I love history and I love chess history even more. However, in order to make sense for me, chess history combines all the different characters from among different decades and centuries. Some players are legends because they are beyond...

Chess with Yoda

Bizarre Endings That Make You Think

October 1, 2014 • Endgame Fundamentals, Featured1264

By Donny Gray If you have ever studied chess books or researched online you most likely have come across unlikely and perhaps even bizarre positions that have made you pause and think. Most of them are highly unlikely to ever occur exactly in one of your...

Davide Tal DVD Video

Fritz Trainer: Master Class Vol. 2: Mihail Tal

October 1, 2014 • Featured, Top Board1631

By Davide Nastasio This review is about a wonderful new multi-media product, Fitz Trainer – Master Class Vol. 2: Mihail Tal. In our times we are fortunate to not only have books to help improve our play, but also audio, video, or various multi-media...