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Review: Ivan Sokolov’s The Ruy Lopez Revisited

by • January 5, 2014 • Booked UpComments (2)1458

By Benjamin Frances Like most self-respecting club players, I grew up meeting 1.e4 with 1…c5. I think the underlying cause was a desire to remain in control. If I could hide behind twenty moves of the latest theory of the Najdorf, then I couldn’t hurt myself. The result was that my understanding stagnated even while my [&hellip...

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Review: 2005 Releases from Everyman Chess

January 5, 2014 • Booked Up1186

By Tim Brookshear A note on Peach Ratings: They are different than the conventional stars. 4 peaches: a classic that belongs in every library. 3: An excellent book. 2: A worthwhile book. 1: Duplicates material already available. Pit: Why did they even bother?...