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Review: The English Opening Vol. 1, by Simon Williams

by • October 1, 2015 • Booked Up, Featured, FeaturesComments (0)2034

By Davide Nastasio I don’t know GM Williams personally, but I’ve followed many of his videos from last year, and even bought some of his books through the years. He is an exceptionally passionate teacher on the openings he plays. He begins volume 1 of these DVDs saying that the English opening is an extremely [&hellip...

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Review: Positional Decision Making in Chess, by Boris Gelfand

September 1, 2015 • Featured, Features2890

By Davide Nastasio I’d like to foreword my review stating clearly that this book is really rich in games, positions, ideas, comparisons between games of the past, and modern games. So whatever I write (I realized this in the middle of writing this...

Knight and Bishop

Endgame Fundamentals: Bishop and Knight Mate

March 1, 2015 • Endgame Fundamentals, Featured, Features, Top Board1594

By Donny Gray In over 30+ years of teaching, nothing instills fear into a student more than when I say, “Time to learn the bishop and knight checkmate!”  Usually the response is something like “NOOOOOOOO!!!!” Even high-rated players have...


Winning Against the King’s Indian (With the Main Line) – GM Mihail Marin

March 1, 2015 • Featured, Features1618

 By Davide Nastasio Disclaimer: Unlike other chess authors who write opening book after opening book claiming they have played the openings, I declare that I don’t play the King’s Indian, and I’m not sure if I will play it in the future....

Momir missboll_la_dame_habillée_en_bleu January 2015

Focus Like a Laser Beam: Center of Gravity Part 4

January 1, 2015 • Featured, Features, News1179

By Momir Radovic I cannot tell you, my dear readers, how many times I’ve had this conversation with my younger students while we analyze their games: “What did you try to accomplish with your last move?” “Nothing!” “Then why did you play...

shanmukha_trophies (2)

December 2014 Player of the Month: Shanmukha Meruga

December 1, 2014 • Featured, Features1106

Interview by Davide Nastasio Editor’s Note: Starting this month, Georgia Chess News will feature a Georgia player each month. If you are interested in being featured, please let us know by emailing us at I met this player...