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The Role of a Chess Coach

by • October 21, 2017 • Featured, FeaturesComments (0)435

By Xiao Cheng “What should I look for in a chess coach?”  This is one of the most popular questions from chess parents.  The short version?  A coach should provide the following: Knowledge Transfer (KT) – Showing a new player from basic tactics (fork, pins, etc.) to advanced strategies (prophylactics, piece activity, etc.). Habit Transfer...

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Review: A to Z Chess tactics – every chess move explained, by George Huczek

October 21, 2017 • Booked Up, Featured, Features, Top Board1300

Batsford 2017 347 pages By Davide Nastasio I generally buy the books or DVDs that I review.  This time, however, to my surprise the marketing assistant from Batsford, Ms. Hannah Perry, kindly asked our editor if Georgia Chess News would review one of...


Review: Gyula Breyer – The Chess Revolutionary, by Jimmy Adams

October 21, 2017 • Booked Up, Featured, Features, Top Board1061

New in Chess, 2017 876 pages   By  Davide Nastasio Today the young player’s goal in their chess journey is the rating.  After a tournament, many just consult their smart phones incessantly to know if they gained 10-15 points, or if they reached...


Review: Extreme Chess Tactics, by Yochanan Afek

October 21, 2017 • Booked Up, Featured, Features, Top Board1124

Gambit Publications 2017 143 pages By Davide Nastasio If you have the word “Extreme” in a book title, it is bound to be fun.  If to that we add that the author is one of the greatest chess composers of our time, as well as the author of...


Women success in Chess

October 9, 2017 • Featured, Features1051

By Davide Nastasio This is the beginning of August 2017.  In the beginning of the week I read about the results from different tournaments.  I watched some of the new games, and it struck me that some women, great players, had great results but nobody spoke...


Review: Power Play 25: Popular’s Queen’s Pawn Openings – a Repertoire For Black, By Daniel King

October 1, 2017 • Booked Up, Featured, Features, Top Board762

Chessbase 2017 By Davide Nastasio The entire series of Power Play DVDs, written by GM Daniel King, is geared toward bringing a player from beginner to master level. Lately King has begun a series on opening repertoires. The reason is simple: in order to...


Endgame Fundamentals: Famous Rook & Pawn Ending

October 1, 2017 • Endgame Fundamentals, Featured, Features, Top Board414

By Donny Gray Rook and pawn endings are extremely important to all players, regardless of their rating.  Between equal players there will be more rook and pawn endings than any other type.  Therefore, it is to your advantage to know them. Today, I would...


Review: Komodo 11

October 1, 2017 • Featured, Features, Top Board1145

By Davide Nastasio  I was curious about Komodo because it is often referred to as the engine which plays like a human. Obviously such a label didn’t make sense to me because computers are not humans, so how does a chess engine behave like one? I tried...

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A Game of Repeated Patterns: The Fork

September 10, 2017 • Featured, Features391

By Xiao Cheng You learned the basic chess rules. What to do next? For a beginner, this Wikipedia page gives a glimpse through all the chess concepts. But that’s like asking a first grader to take a look at all the math terms he will have to learn from...


Review: Open games with …Bc5, by Sam Collins

September 1, 2017 • Booked Up, Featured, Features, Top Board715

By Davide Nastasio I never played 1…e5; as Black. I toyed with the idea of playing the Russian Defense 1.e4,e5; 2.Nf3,Nf6;     because for a certain period I was playing 1.e4, as White, and a friend of mine, with whom I played blitz often, had...