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The GCA Bids Farewell to Dr. Fun Fong

By Michael Muzquiz

After 6 years of untiring service as president of the Georgia Chess Association, Dr. Fun Fong has announced his resignation.  As 1st vice president, Thad Rogers will fulfill the duties of the president until a successor is named.

Fun’s interest in chess began at the age of 6, when his father taught him to play.  In high school, Fun became the school chess club president.  In 2001, he became involved with Emory University’s Castle Chess Camp, a program that brings together top coaches and top students for a week of chess training and play.  Since 2002, Fun has served as the camp physician and counselor.  He has served as vice-president of the Castle Chess board since 2008.




Fun’s love of the game was evident in his passion for serving the Georgia chess-playing community.  A peek behind the curtain would reveal the depth of his devotion: a 2-car garage nearly filled to capacity with GCA equipment, an effort to save cost on storage; and a long list of tournament equipment that he purchased with personal funds, when he saw that the GCA budget would not be able to cover it.



Dr. Fong’s commitment has always been evident in the schedule he kept as GCA president, the kind of schedule that would scare away an adrenaline junkie on a caffeine rush.  He is an ER doctor at Spalding Regional Hospital, and is not a stranger to 12 to 15 hour shifts.   His hospital schedule, however, would never cause him to miss a tournament or board meeting.

Dr. Fong will certainly be missed by all.  Typically ubiquitous in the day-to-day operations of the Georgia Chess Association, his absence will be undeniably palpable.

On behalf of the GCA board, I would like to wish Dr. Fun Fong a heartfelt farewell and express the deepest gratitude for his many years of unbridled commitment to the Georgia Chess Association.




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