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New Chess Center Opens September 9, 2017

By Karen Boyd

Photo above:  GM Ben Finegold and Deepak Aaron play a friendly game while The Usual Suspects look on. 


There’s a new kid on the block in the thriving metro-Atlanta chess community: Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Atlanta (CCSCATL).  Every major city (as well as many mid-sized and smaller cities) has a chess center that promotes chess and provides a venue for learning chess and playing chess both competitively and casually.  Atlanta has been without a full-service chess center since 2012, when Thad Rogers closed the doors of the Atlanta Chess and Game Center.  (Thank you, Thad, for your many years of dedication to the chess community.)

CCSCATL will be a community center offering a wide variety of events and opportunities to learn and play chess. All players, from novices to grandmasters and anyone in between, will be welcome. Playing chess has many benefits for children, as their minds are developing rapidly, and chess helps maintain mental sharpness throughout adulthood. A fun environment will be encouraged in which camaraderie will develop among the community of chess players.

CCSCATL will be offering rated open tournaments, scholastic tournaments (rated and unrated), camps, bughouse and blitz tournaments, lectures by top instructors for all levels, and casual play hours for members. Fall events are already listed on the website, so check it out:

Membership at CCSCATL will provide discounts on all events and access to casual play hours. You can sign up for a membership (and avoid waiting in line by registering in person) on the CCSATL website: . However, membership is not required to attend classes and tournaments.

GM Ben Finegold and local chess player Karen Boyd (also a “chess mom”) are co-owners of CCSCATL.  GM Finegold is a renowned chess educator and player who has dedicated over 40 years to teaching and playing chess. For more extensive bios see  Ben and Karen will be running the Chess Center in Roswell, Georgia, in a family-friendly neighborhood not too far from Highway 400 to provide easy access for people coming from other parts of the metro Atlanta area.  The facility is 3200 sq. ft., which should allow for tournaments of up to 100 players.

The grand opening of Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Atlanta is September 9, 2017, from 12-6 pm.  Food and drinks will be complimentary to celebrate the opening.  There will be an unrated blitz tournament to kick things off.  Everyone should stop by, even if you don’t plan to play in the tournament. Thanks for all your support!


Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Atlanta
2500 Old Alabama Rd.
Suite 11
Roswell, GA 30076

Phone: 678-628-5615




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