Shanmukha Meruga at the KIIT!

By Davide Nastasio

One of our best Georgia chess players (he is the 14th best player in our state), NM Shanmukha Meruga, is currently playing at one of the most prestigious events in India: the 10th Edition of the KIIT International Chess Festival, which begins on May 26th, 2017, in Bhubaneshwar, India.




This tournament is extremely hard.  There are a total of 246 players coming from 12 countries. Seventeen are Grandmasters, and 21 are International masters.  Shanmukha will have to face competition that is thirsty for blood.  The first 50 seeds are all rated over 2250 and they are there in order to make norms or win big money, which means that no easy draws will be agreed, and each game will be played till the last piece standing! The tournament organization offers accommodations and food at very cheap prices.  If my translation from the local currency to dollars is correct, Shanmukha will pay $161 for food and hotel!   We would love to have these prices in the U.S.!

NM Meruga is famous for beating GM Hikaru Nakamura in December of 2016 at a titled Tuesday event, and Nakamura is considered one of the best blitz players of all time!





Here’s the great game!



Georgia Chess News would like to give our best wishes to Shanmukha for this difficult tournament, while keeping our readership informed of the latest chess news!


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