The 2016 QuickStart! and Grade Level Championship Tournaments

By Laura Doman

The scholastic calendar begins every fall with two tournaments: the QuickStart! competition and the Grade Level Championships. This year, the QuickStart! was held Sunday, October 2 and the Grade Level Championships took place on Saturday, November 5.

The QuickStart! tournament introduces new players to chess competition and encourages experienced scholastic players to brush up their games after a long summer break. Students compete in six sections, in which trophies are awarded to the top three players and plus score trophies are given to those who win the majority of their games (2.5 or more games out of four). Here are the QuickStart! results:

6-12 Section
Sriyesh Akam, 1st Place
Shayla Lewis, 2nd Place
Jacob Ramirez, 3rd Place
Jacob Green, Akil Karthi, Shaheed Ruffin Plus Scores

K-5 Section
Nikhil Anoob, 1st Place
Cole Belinfante, 2nd Place
Rohan Ashley, 3rd Place
Noah Butts, Emma Pearce, and Ryley Yasseri, Plus Scores

K-3 Section
David Halsey, 1st Place
Ethan Pak, 2nd Place
Srihan Avirneni, 3rd Place
Emir Bulat, Finn Cunliffe, Ayush Pawar, Seth Polekoff, Shriyan Jupudi, Ethan Pae, and Brandon Shin, Plus Scores

K-1 Section
Sriharsha Pasumarthi, 1st Place
Alexander Morosanu, 2nd Place
Landon Pursley, 3rd Place
Saavan Ghelani and Nikhil Karthik, Plus Scores

Over 600 Section
Asaru Jordan, 1st Place
Arnav Somaraju, 2nd Place
Olivia Resnick, 3rd Place
AmunRa Jordan, Samuel Willie, Owen Laney, Vinod Ruppa-Kasani, and Nicolas Echeverri, Plus Scores

Under 600 Section
Aakash Agrawal, 1st Place
Nnamdi Emerole, 2nd Place
Varsha Sayana, 3rd Place
Nathan Chen, Aidan Scibilia, Harrison Head, Nayla Kanaan, Michael Fu, Rehan Simpson, Aarushi Ammavajjala, Nikhita Chinmay, Ajinkya Argonda, Kethan Menachery, Rohan Gazula, Aishwarya Agrawal, and Aliyah Weiner, Plus Scores

The Grade Level Championships recognize top performing players in each school grade. The 2016 Championships produced twelve winners in grades Kindergarten through Eleven (no twelfth graders competed this year), each of whom also won a $100 stipend to apply towards attending the 2016 USCF National K-12 Grade Championships in Nashville, TN, on December 16-18. In all, 246 scholastic players participated in the championships.

The GCA is proud to announce that the 2016 Georgia Grade Champions are:

Kindergarten  Nate Resnick
1st grade            Christopher Gao
2nd grade         Varun Gadi
3rd grade          Caden Qiao
4th grade          Alexander Rutten
5th grade          Katie Hill
6th grade         Arnav Somaraju
7th grade         Maya Dickson
8th grade        George Sorkin
9th grade        Kapish Potula
10th grade      Vishal Balyan
11th grade       Thanu Avirneni


The next big scholastic event is the MLK tournament on Monday, January 16, 2017 at Whitefield Academy. Be sure to mark your calendars! As in previous years, kids will be able to participate in charitable activities between rounds to benefit newly arrived refugee children and their families.


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