Chess XBoxing @ Microsoft Store Perimeter Mall

By Ashley Thomas

 At Microsoft, education is a huge piece of the core mission in order to empower the world to do and achieve more. Similarly, at Georgia Chess Association, we believe that playing chess has many benefits in developing young growing minds and maintaining mental sharpness throughout adulthood. We promote chess for all ages. Hence, it was quite natural for GCA and Microsoft to collaborate. This event was the first of such collaboration, and was a quite successful start !

The name Chess XBoxing was derived from a popular event in Europe called Chess Boxing which combines Chess and Boxing. Chess XBoxing, on the other hand, combined chess and video games. During the event the kids had an option to challenge other players for a “real” chess game, or to play video games on various platforms that Microsoft store had to offer, including Fruit Ninja and Xbox games, such as Rocket League, Lego Star Wars, etc.




The event was organized at the local Microsoft store at Perimeter Mall on October 15, 2016.  About 25 to 30 kids and parents turned up and all had a great time playing both chess and video games. The event was coordinated by the Georgia Chess Association’s Outreach Committee. The Outreach Committee is actively looking for volunteers who can help out with similar events, as well as other outreach activities. If you are interested, please contact





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