Giving a Chess Simjul at the High school nationals Hyatt april 2016

2016 All Girls High School and Elementary Chess National Championship

By WIM Carolina Blanco

After a fructiferous year in training and playing in local tournaments, a group of my students got motivated to play at three national events in a row!   I decided to go with them to these prestigious events to support them and to be there for that extra hand when reviewing their games.  I also wanted to help them to learn from their mistakes, as well as getting familiar with the ups and downs of emotions in a chess tournament.  I must say that, together with their parents, we had a lot of fun in an awesome team spirit environment.  Click here to see complete tournament results.  This was such a beautiful and inspiring tournament for every girl chess player.  There was a record number of over 400 girls playing in categories from U-8 to U-18.










The organization of this tournament was superb, as well as the playing venue, the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place in Chicago.  The location was ideal, with a variety of nearby places to eat.   The pairings and side tournaments, such a blitz and bughouse, were on time and awesome.  The trophies and special awards were so beautifully chosen with an eye toward a girl’s fondness for colors such as hot pink, light pink, and purple.   All the girls just wanted to win at least one!

My team from Atlanta was made up of U-8 Sophia Resnick and Alexandra Resnick; U-10 Olivia Resnick and Gabriela Slezinger; and U-12 Sara Kapasi.   There were other girl players from Georgia that got excellent results, as well.  Their positions are listed below.

It was a successful event for all the Georgia players because they got to increase their rating points, played blitz chess at a national level, and learned a lot of the revised games that we did.


All Girls National Championship
Chicago IL, April 22-24th, 2016


Pl     Name                                      Pts          Rt         State

65.     Resnick, Alexandra               2.0           365          GA
67.     Resnick, Sophia                     2.0           281           GA


Pl     Name                                      Pts          Rt         State

15.   Tammali, Vaishnavi                 4.5          1067         GA
46.  Resnick, Olivia                           3.0          690          GA
50.  Slezinger, Gabriella                   3.0          657           GA


Pl     Name                                      Pts          Rt         State

20. Dasari, Srihitha                         4.0           1414        GA
86 Kapasi, Sara                                2.0          1286        GA


Pl     Name                                      Pts          Rt         State

17.    Dasari, Samhitha                     3.0         1682         GA


Pl     Name                                      Pts          Rt         State

11.   Chen, Evelyn                             3.5          1610         GA
15.  Avirneni, Saithanu                   3.0         1914         GA


National High School Championship
Atlanta, GA, April 1-3, 2016

All local players from high school and lower grades had the opportunity this year to participate in the high school nationals in Atlanta.  All of my elementary students were able to participate on the different rating sections of the K12 grade, even though they knew they would have a older opponents.   I encouraged them to be confident and play as if they were playing their own grade section.  Although they didn’t place in the top 10 of each section, they were able to make gains in their ratings, as well as getting extra preparation to play the elementary nationals that took place a few weeks later in Nashville, Tennessee.




I also was very pleased to promote the United State Chess Federation Girls’ Club, in which I gave a simul to 12 girls.   I also enjoyed reviewing their games from the tournament.  The Girls Club offered a nice environment in which the girls were able to share their experience with other girls from different parts of the country.   There were also snacks, door prizes, and chess puzzles to warm up for the tournament! The following is a list of the Georgia Players who were able to finish in the top 10 of each section. For complete results, click here.


K12 U-1900

Pl     Name                                      Pts          Rt         State
9.      Ye, George                                5.0         1879         GA

K12 U-1600

Pl     Name                                      Pts          Rt         State

10.     Zhang, Bill                               5.5         1379          GA

K12 U-800

Pl     Name                                      Pts          Rt         State

4.      Kabir, Naveed Tahmeed       6.0           735          GA


National Elementary Championship
Nashville, Tennessee, May 6-8, 2016

We were excited about being in Nashville, and with the extra preparation from the two previous nationals tournaments.   We were fascinated with the Gaylord Opryland Resort Hotel.   With the participation of more than 2000 players, it was amazing how the organization managed to have all pairings in all sections on time and in an excellent playing venue.

There were more than 30 Georgia players from different schools and sections.  I would like to congratulate two of our amazing Georgia players who played in Nashville.   Arthur Guo won first place in the Under K6 championship section, which was the toughest group.    He wasn’t even the top seed of the event, yet had a remarkable last round force win.  Gabriella Slezinger 7th place tied for 5th on the K3 U-800 section made her the top player in GA in that section out of 328 players.  She received a trophy, as well as more than 100 rating points for her performance of 6.0 points out of a possible 7, with 6 wins and just 1 defeat.

There were a lot of side tournaments and lectures during the event.  WGM Irina Krush was there giving a lecture and playing blitz and simuls with the kids.   She also reviewed games at U.S girls’ club with WGM Katherina Nemcova.  I also had the opportunity to give a simul with 12 players and review games with different girls from all over the country in support of the girls’ presence in chess!




The following is a list of the Georgia players who were able to place in the top 10 of each section.  For complete results go to click here.


National Elementary Championship
Nashville, Tennessee

K-6 championship

Pl     Name                                      Pts          Rt         State

1.       Guo, Arthur                               6.5           2130        GA

K-3 U-800

Pl     Name                                      Pts          Rt         State

7.      Slezinger, Gabriella                   6.0          657          GA

k1 championship

Pl     Name                                      Pts          Rt         State

9.      Watson, Archer Q.                    6.0          1200       GA

K6 U-1000

Pl     Name                                      Pts          Rt         State

5.      Akam, Sriyesh                            6.0          983         GA




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