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3rd Annual Ron Simpson Memorial 2016

By Davide Nastasio

Three Georgian Vikings left for plunder on March 18th, and returned with some booty on March 20th. What happened in those three days is the subject of this story.




Our destination was six hours away, so as good Vikings, we left at midday.   We arrived at sunset and began an exploratory round to discover the openings of our opponents.

After a brief dinner at the local pizza place (like every good Viking, pizza runs in my blood. I can get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t eat it for longer than 48 hours), we sharpened our weapons with a blitz tournament in our quarters, away from possible North Carolina spies.

This was a great tournament, as always well-organized by Walter High.  This year 125 participants gathered in the Burlington, a little hotel with good wifi! Like last year the weather conditions were perfect for a chess tournament, but quite freezing for a pool party! On Saturday, before the beginning of the second round, there was a little ceremony to remember how great Ron Simpson was. Eugene Davenport gave a remarkable speech remembering Ron Simpson, and how they knew each other.



Eugene Davenport on the left


The tournament was quite hard; in the open section the average rating was 1962.
Chen Kevin Bell won $750 in the Open section with 4.5 points out of 5.

Here is the link to the other placements for the Open section:
Event Summary Open Section

I believe it is interesting, and important, to report the following: in the Open section, the FIDE rules were used. For such rules a player MUST NOT have a cell phone on their person.




It doesn’t matter if the cell phone is off.  This will cause the immediate loss of the game, and as it happened, someone lost a game because he had a cell phone on him. From one side it is annoying for us to separate ourselves from our smart phones; however, there are some practical reasons for not having them with us.  We all know that the misuse of smart phones during a tournament could damage our beautiful sport. So I’d like to use this article to improve the knowledge of the players, and avoid game losses for not understanding this rule. If  you are playing in a section where the FIDE rule regarding smart phones is applied, please leave your phone in your car, or with your parents/relatives if they are not playing, or as in this case, it was possible to simply leave it in the hotel room (as the three Vikings did!).  The organizer and the arbiter DID DO their job by hanging big placards everywhere with the words “NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED” or something similar.  But I also find it sad that players who are 2000 and above still don’t know the rules, and I believe the state organizations should address such a problem.  Seminars should be organized where the rules are explained clearly, or online exams on FIDE rules should be available, after which a certificate stating the successful completion of the exam could be printed.  And only the players presenting such a certificate should be permitted to play in the Open section under FIDE rules. I’m saying this because, in my opinion, it is not acceptable to lose a game, a battle between minds, for a technicality created to avoid cheating.

For the U1800 section, winner Cahyono Nugroho brought home $600. whom we need to thank for streaming the games from the DGT boards.

Below is the link to the placements in the U1800 section:
Event Summary Under 1800 Section

For the U1400, the winner was Cook Christopher, who also got a good $400.
Here is the link:
Event Summary Under 1400 Section

Let’s come now to a selection of the important games of this tournament:

First of all we must introduce a gifted individual, Cahyono Nugroho (aka Chacha DeJava) the winner of the U1800, who was clearly on fire throughout the weekend, steamrolling the opposition! I tried to warn a Viking friend about Chacha’s strength, but he didn’t heed my warning!



Cahyono Nugroho (aka Chacha DeJava) on the left in deep thought.



After a brilliant first day with 3 points out of 3, Jarret Minkler wasn’t able to continue the lucky streak! Chacha definitely won the tournament, eliminating the strong competition!



Jarret Minklet (left) contemplating his next move.




IM Jonathan Schroer was in the Open section.  Here he is quite instructive with the hedgehog formation and the way Black should handle the power of the bishop pair.



Once more we see the power of the bishop pair in action.







And now we come to Meruga in action!  We look at a few games from the young, gifted Georgian chess player!

In the game below, he checkmates a master level player!



Meruga Myers




Shanmukha Meruga in action.




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