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2015 Southeastern FIDE Championship, at the Charlotte Chess Center in NC

By Davide Nastasio

Between December 18th and December 20th, 2015, this very strong tournament was held.  Its description was quite self-explanatory: “The Southeast FIDE Championship is a 5-round tournament conducted at the Charlotte Chess Center and created mainly for the top players in the Southeast and US. It is a one section tournament designed for players USCF or FIDE 2000+ or players who have been rated as such, with the exception of some junior players.”

Obviously, in North Carolina they are lucky to have young people like NM Peter Giannatos, who followed his dreams and created a chess center which clearly gives chess players the opportunity to gather in strong tournaments like this one.



Peter Giannatos


The tournament was attended by 39 players.  Great performance by Kapish Potula, who scored 3.5 out of 5, and gained 79 points, which at that level are not easy to gain!

The winner was IM Kassa Korley from NY, who clearly dominated the event.



Kassa Korley


Click on the following link to see the crosstable:

2015 Southeastern FIDE Championship Event Summary

Here is a selection of the games:

Generally I try to cover only our valorous Georgia Chess players, who, in their dedication to the sport, travel far to learn and improve. But in this case we are assisting in the birth of a new star, and who could miss witnessing such an astronomic event?

This young girl, a 4th grader if I’m correct, just beat a FIDE Master, and clearly a veteran player.
The Black player plays in a strange style, reminding me of some of Alexander Morozevich’s games, but he is not so lucky!



Rochelle Wu



Sometimes more than the rating difference one can see the difference in how the two players play the endgame, which is where the point is won or lost, as in the following game:



Very instructive game on how White first gains a space advantage on the queenside, then converts the space advantage in a passed pawn, and then begins a series of exchanges which bring him into a won endgame.



Kapish Potula is clearly one of the best Georgia players!



One more game with players not from Georgia, but worth watching. In this case IM Kassa Korley, who makes me think of a magician performing a sleight-of-hand trick for the ease with which he changes pawn structures and enters a rook endgame which he’s able to win easily. Kassa Korley is clearly a player to learn from!



Sorry but I do feel the need to share another game from IM Kassa Korley, because he is my new chess hero! At move 35, he realized that he didn’t touch the Rook in a1 for 35 moves, while having a king which was something between a killer whale and a tiger, and finally decided to use such piece, finishing the game in few moves!





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