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Southeast Chess G30 December 2015 and Blitz

By Davide Nastasio

A one-day tournament was held on December 5th in the beautiful Winship Ballroom at Emory University.  The day was pleasant and sunny, and Grant Oen’s organization, Southeast Chess, made the event run smoothly.

And who says that there is no money in chess?

Twenty-three players participated in the main event, which was won by Damir Studen with 5 points out of 5!
The cross table for the event can be found at the following link: US Chess MSA – Cross Table for DECEMBER G/30 (Event 201512059212)

Richard Staples (on the left) in deep thought.


David Mbonu (on the right), AKA Mr. 2 Queens.


Damir Studen in meditation before the game begins.


Damir Studen crushing through the opposition!


Staples vs. Mitchell: a very exciting game!

Sixteen players participated in the evening blitz.  Quite a strong event, since the first seven places have been held by players over 1900.
Damir Studen was in spectacular form, since he won the blitz with 10 out of 10, smashing and annihilating all the opposition.  We are lucky when such a strong player can come out and play instead of coaching, because obviously playing against him is like getting a free lesson.
We hope to see many more events held by Southeast Chess.
The cross table for the blitz is at the following link:

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