Southeast Chess Invitational Quad September 2015

By Davide Nastasio

In Georgia there are not many tournaments, and we do not yet have a chess center. Consequently, for those players who are interested in improving, there are some considerable difficulties in meeting other players of similar level. Luckily, Grant Oen’s Southeast Chess gives such an opportunity to Georgia Players in a beautiful venue: Emory University.

Southeast Chess is also a very good organizer, supplying players with chess sets, clocks, scoresheets, and pens. One doesn’t have any excuse for not coming out to play, apart from one: the competition is extremely tough!

As in the days of the old Atlanta Chess Center (which was also known as The House of Pain), the tournaments organized by Southeast Chess are not for the faint of heart.

This invitational was for players rated 1800 and above. There were three quads. Quad A was won by Kapish Potula, who gained nearly 40 points, passing from 2015 to 2054. Quad B was won by Nicholas Williams, who scored 3 points! He is training hard, because soon he will be flying to Las Vegas to fight in the Millionaire tournament. Quad C was won by Sijing Wu, a strong young player who came from Alabama to play in this quad.  Southeast Chess prizes are paid at the end of the tournament, and the tournament is rated within a couple of hours.

Here some of the games:


Johnson vs Williams


Participating in this quad was worth it, just to be able to witness one particularly amazing game.  It was a rare gem played between amateurs. Luckily, Grant Oen published it on his site, because while they were playing it I was under a strong attack and couldn’t divert my attention from my chessboard.  I saw some glimpses, though, and it was definitely a special game.

The video link below is of a wild game from the Quad between David Mbonu and Grant Oen.  It was analyzed in its salient moments by IM Bartholomew.  Below you will find the complete game.

Student Spotlight #3: Grant vs Double Queens)



Mbono vs Oen



The first round is starting


Blitz before the Quad
















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