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2015 Georgia Open Celebrates National Chess Day

By Herky Del Mundo

The Georgia Chess Association offers more fun, excitement and challenges on National Chess Day with the 2015 Georgia Open set from October 9-11.  It is a six round swiss tournament where all players are paired in one section.

This year the venue is still at the Wyndham Hotel, though with a better venue lay-out with three tourney rooms, adjacent to each other and located in a quieter place in the hotel.  As such it allows a noise-free atmosphere, away from parties in the hotel.  Since there are more rooms, daily side events are also available for those who will attend only for a day.  The Open itself have two schedules:  a 3-day, and a 2-day schedule.  The 3-day runs from October 9-11, while the 2-day will be from October 10-11.  Side events are:  a blitz open tournament on Friday, a Rated Beginners’ Open for Under 1200 Non-scholastic adult players on Saturday, October 10, and a Rated Beginner’s Open for Under 1200 Scholastic Players on Sunday, October 11.  More prizes are offered with 65% of registered entries as guaranteed prizes.

The blitz open tournament has a time control of five minutes with 0 delay.  Interested players can register on site starting at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, October 9.  It will be five rounds, with  players going against an opponent in both black and white, thus playing 10 games in total.  In the Rated Beginners Open,   new players must register with the United States Chess Federation for their identification numbers which are used in the official rating.  Georgia residents also have to be members of the Georgia Chess Association.  Scholastic and non-scholastic adult players have separate tourneys.

The Open in general will have a G/90;d5 time control. The first two round of the 2-day schedule will have G/45;d5, and will follow the G/90;d5 time control of the 3 day schedule starting the third round.

A big part of the tournament is being able to play higher-rated opponents. In the following game, this writer played with expert Grant Oen.  Since I came from Northern Virginia, I did not know Oen personally. Except for his expert rating, I didn’t know what to expect from our game.  As it turned out, Oen is a strong young college player and is one of the players to watch out for in Georgia. One is bound to learn a lot from playing with a higher rated player, which will benefit any player who wants to improve his game.

2014 Georgia Open

White:  Herky del Mundo

Black:  Grant Oen

Register now at the 2015 Georgia Open: see tournament information

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