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Welcoming the New GCN Editors

By Laura Doman

Effective April 1, 2015, Michael Muzquiz has been named the new Editor of Georgia Chess News, the online magazine of the Georgia Chess Association (GCA). Herky del Mundo, a longtime player and tournament organizer, is the new Associate Editor, with responsibilities for the technical content of the magazine.

The GCA gratefully acknowledges the contributions of Tricia Hill and Carlos Perdomo, the magazine’s original editor and associate editor, for laying the groundwork and developing Georgia Chess News into a quality online publication. We are looking forward to working with Michael and Herky as they expand the scope and depth of the magazine in the coming months.

Michael Muzquiz is a writer, illustrator, and editor with professional experience in adult education. He admits that his love of chess came to him later in his life, but his dedication to the game is strong.  Michael looks forward to being a part of the GCA team: “I am eager to do my part in developing Georgia Chess News into a first-rate online chess magazine.”

Herky del Mundo is a talented chess player, tournament director, editor and author of chess books, as well as a professional cinematographer and director. Prior to coming to Atlanta, Herky owned and managed a successful chess club in Virginia, which grew to be among the strongest organizations in the Washington DC metro area.

Congratulations to Michael and Herky on their new positions. We are excited to see them at the helm as they take Georgia Chess News to the next level in serving the Georgia chess community.


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