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Southeast March Grand Prix

 By Grant Oen

Photographs by Davide Nastasio

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The Southeast March Grand Prix was held this past Saturday, March 21 at Emory University.  During the spring, Southeast Chess has been holding many small one-day events including 2000+ rated quads, blitz tournaments, Friday night G/30s, and this Grand Prix tournament.  Upcoming tournaments include the March 27th Friday G/30 and the April 5th Quad and Blitz tournament, the latter of which offers two tournaments on a single day!

The Grand Prix offered $500 in guaranteed prize money, as well as good opportunities for up-and-coming energetic players to play four games at G/60 in one day.  Although turnout was likely reduced due to a major scholastic tournament on the same day, there were still 34 players from around the region who came to compete.

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Here is a sampling of the players:

  • GCA President Nominee Frank Johnson
  • One of Georgia’s longtime tournament supporters Phillip Taylor
  • 1991 GA State Champion George Leite
  • Former 2150+ player Joseph Scott
  • Regius Ludus Chess Club Founder Eric Sparks
  • 87-year-old Raymond Shapira, who was visited by his son and grandson during the event
  • The event’s Organizer and Chief TD was Grant Oen

The Open section was dominated by the rapidly improving Shanmukha Meruga, who scored 4.0/4 on his way to collect $200 and 6 USCF Grand Prix Points.  Meruga is the most active player on the Southeast Chess circuit, having played in 22 of our events since our inception just a year ago.  He had well-earned victories over former Emory Chess Club President Jeff Domozick, Sijing Wu, Philip Taylor, and George Leite.

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In 2nd through 5th  place were Frank Johnson, George Leite, Patrick Walker, and Jai Dayal, who earned $25 each for their 3.0/4 scores.  Joseph Scott, William Remick, and Preston Lee earned 2.5/4.  The top U1800 prize was split between two Southeast Chess frequents, Rochelle Wu and Phillip Taylor.

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In the U1500 section, Calvin Menyfield also scored a clean sweep to earn $100.  Emory student Ted Davis and Regius Ludus Chess Club founder Eric Sparks split the second place prize with 3.0/4.

USCF results can be viewed here. Thanks to Davide Nastasio for providing pictures for the event, and video interviews for the upcoming GCA election. Please visit to find out about upcoming tournaments at Emory.  Below are some games from the tournament.  More games can be viewed on our website.








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