Perdomo Class Champion 2015

Michael Corallo Wins Perdomo Class Championship 2015

By Fun Fong

The Perdomo Class Championship was a GCA event designed to honor IM Carlos Perdomo for approximately 15 years of service and enrichment for the Georgia Chess Community. He has been a game-changer, improving the quality of chess in Georgia.

Herky del Mundo and Shyam Dasari made their debut as Chief TD and Deputy Chief TD at the Perdomo Class Championship. I was the Informatics officer. The team’s laid-back attitude lead to an especially friendly and more social event than usual. Herky gave away copies of his book during a trivia quiz before the start of the fourth round.

Laura Leary made her debut as the first Coordinator of an Open Event. Chacha deJava returned to manage DGT boards in the absence of GCA volunteers. Amrita Kumar, Priya Srinivasan, and Usha Raghavan created a special, social atmosphere that made the participants feel comfortable and welcome. This new team became a game-changer for GCA Open Events.

Premier Action
LM Michael Corallo was upset by Albert Liang in the first round, but kept his cool, defeating Expert Hans Pirolt in the second round, LM David Vest in the third round, Djordje Niedeljkovic in the fourth round, and Expert Tom Kayma in the final round.

Congratulations to Michael Corallo, winner of the Perdomo Class Championship 2015, who took clear first, winning four games. Complete results are at the end of this article.

Albert Liang (2019) v. LM Michael Corallo (2371)

LM Michael Corallo (2371) v Hans Pirolt (2128)

LM David Vest (2200) v. LM Michael Corallo (2371)

Djordje Niedeljkovic (2215P) v. LM Michael Corallo (2371)

Albert Liang upset LM Michael Corallo in the first round.  Albert also defeated Expert Sinclair Gray in the second round and drew provisionally master rated Djordje Niedeljkovic in the third round. Albert eeked out a draw against Carter Peatman in the final round to finish tied for 2nd with three points.

Sinclair Gray (2040) v. Albert Liang (2019)

Albert Liang (2019) v. Djordje Niedeljkovic (2215P)

LM David Vest (2200) v. Albert Liang (2019)

Djordje Niedeljkovic (2215P), whose FIDE rating is in the neighborhood of 2170 , drew playing White against Carter Peatman, then defeated Tom Kayma in round 2.  He drew against Albert Liang in round 3, lost to LM Michael Corallo in round 4, and won against Hans Pirolt in round 5.  He finished tied for 2nd  with three points.

Djordje Niedeljkovic (2215P) v. Carter Peatman (2058)

Tom Kayma (2002) v. Djordje Niedeljkovic (2215P)

Hans Pirolt (2128) vs Djordje Niedeljkovic (2215P

Sinclair Gray (2040) had a forced bye in the first round, a loss against Albert Liang, a win against Hans Pirolt in the third round.  Sinclair lost to Tom Kayma in round 4, and finished with a win against LM David Vest to tie for 2nd with three points.

Sinclair Gray (2040) v. LM David Vest (2200)

Hans Pirolt (2128) v. Sinclair Gray (2040)

Class A Action

Jeremy Banta shone most brightly in this section, taking clear first place with four points. He defeated Tanish Kothapalle in the first round, drew Randy Wester in round two, took a half point bye in round 3, defeated Uday Kanike in round 4, and won against Arden Markin to finish first.

Jeremy Banta (1893) v. Tanish Kothapalle (1837)

Randy Wester (1890) v. Jeremy Banta (1893

Jeremy Banta (1893) v. Uday Kanike (1861)

David Mbonu finished clear second, drawing Uday Kanike in round 1, defeating Bill Remick in round 2  and losing to Arden Marken in round 3. He defeated Nathan Hayes in round 4, and defeated Randy Wester to finish with 3.5 points.

Uday Kanike (1861) v. David Mbonu (1818)

Arden Marken (1885) v. David Mbonu (1818)

David Mbonu (1818) v. Nathan Hayes (1809

Randy Wester (1890) began by defeating Bill Remick in round 1, drawing Jeremy Banta in round 2, and defeating Kenneth Jiao in round 3. He drew Arden Marken in round 4 and lost to David Mbonu in the final round to be tied with Uday Kanike for third place.

Kenneth Jiao (1839) v. Randy Wester (1890)

Uday Kanike (1861) drew David Mbonu in round 1, defeated Thanu Avirneni in round 2, took a ½ point bye in round 3, lost to Jeremy Banta in round 4, and defeated Tanish Kothapalle to tie for third place with 3 points.

Saithanusri Avirneni (1902) v Uday Kanike (1861)

Class B Action

Class B was well-represented with 12 players. Matt Mayhew (1700) of Knoxville, TN finished clear first with 4 points. Robbie Grattan-Smith (1649) won clear second with 3.5 points. Sujay Jagadeesh (1641) and Stephen Eisenhauer (1631) tied for third with 3 points each.

Matt Mayhew showed his dominance. He received a forced bye in the first round, and defeated Robbie Grattan-Smith (1649) in the second round. He drew Eswar Manapuram (1645) in round three but defeated the two other contenders who would eventually tie for third place, Sujay Jagadeesh (1641) and Stephen Eisenhauer (1631) in rounds four and five.

Class C Action

Class C was the second largest section with 18 players. Anthony Morse (1447) finished in clear first with 4.5 points, Karuna Atmakuru (1564), Anshul Gokul (1414), Charles Troutman III (1585), and Joel Washington (1560) all tied for 2nd and 3rd place prize money with a score of 3.5.

Anthony Morse of Georgia Tech began, defeating Maxwell Guo (1552) in the first round, Jason Wright (1522) in the second round, and Adrian Gellert (1446) in the third round. He defeated Karuna Atmakunru (1564) in round four and drew Anshul Gokul (1414) in round five to secure clear first.

Class D Action 

Class D was the smallest section with 7 players. Sanjeev Anand (1348) finished clear first with 4 points.  Samarth Bellayaru (1307) finished clear second with 3.5 points.  Patrick Leary (1289) finished clear third with 3 points.

In order to finish first, Sanjeev Anand (1348) defeated North Carolinian RJ Raynoe (1299) in the first round. He defeated Smarth Bellayaru (1307) in the second round and Patrick Leary in the third round (1289). He had a draw against Sanjjithsaai Dineshkumar (1320) in the fourth round and a draw against Jinkinson Smith (1396) in the final round.

U1200/Unrated Action

U1200/Unr was the largest section with 19 players. Harold Blackmarr (1180) stole the show with clear first with 4.5 points. Jackson Cloud (758) and LT Andy Ceelen (1152) of Florida finished tied for second and third place with 4 points each. Karen Boyd won the Unrated prize with a respectable score of 3 points, outstanding for her first tournament!

Harold Blackmarr (1180) began by defeating Arav Saksena (845) in the first round.  He drew Hudson Markin (1001) in the second round and defeated Sergio Fiorillo (1182) in the third.  He defeated brother Andres Fiorillo (1141) in round four and drew against Surya Anand (998) in the final round.

IM Carlos Perdomo made his appearance with extended family in tow on Sunday afternoon. He took on approximately 22 players in a simul, finishing with approximately 4 draws. He was only given about 2 hours to finish and we’ll have to allot him more time to finish next time!


Despite a somewhat light turnout, competition was keen at this tournament. The TD combination of del Mundo / Dasari was laid back, with the atmosphere noticeably more relaxed as a result.  Laura Leary did well in her first time at the Coordinator spot and I felt that the organizational ground team hit its stride in making this tournament pleasant for all.

Herky del Mundo, Shyam Dasari and Ricardo Fiorillo have committed to the Senior TD training program, where they will receive top priority to officiate in events of 50-100 players in order to garner Senior TD training credits. They, and other aspiring TDs, will have opportunities to receive training on a quarterly basis. We plan for the prime candidates, del Mundo and Dasari to be prepared to take the Senior TD exam in approximately 12 – 18 months. We are thankful for their commitment to the Senior TD program.

We plan to continue to grow the Open Events ground team, cross-training as many as possible and then splitting into two ground teams for Open Events next year. Our organizational efforts are finally showing tangible results!


10633995_955177247834860_7486436152792320623_o (2)

IM Carlos Perdomo, the tournament’s namesake, performed
a simul between rounds 4 and 5, which consisted of 22 players.

Carlos and Fun

IM Carlos Perdomo and GCA President Fun Fong.

For more pictures, please visit the GCA Facebook page.


No. Name          Rate Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 Corallo, Michael 2371 4 L4 W8 W5 W2 W6
2 Nedeljkovic, Djordje 2215 3 D7 W6 D4 L1 W8
3 Gray, Sinclair 2040 3 -B- L4 W8 L6 W5
4 Liang, Albert 2019 3 W1 W3 D2 L5 D7
5 Vest, David M 2200 2.5 -H- W7 L1 W4 L3
6 Kayma, Tom 2002 2.5 D8 L2 W7 W3 L1
7 Peatman, Carter 2056 2 D2 L5 L6 W8 D4
8 Pirolt, Hans 2128 0.5 D6 L1 L3 L7 L2

Class A

No. Name          Rate Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 Banta, Jeremy E 1893 4 W7 D3 -H- W4 W5
2 Mbonu, David C 1818 3.5 D4 W8 L5 W9 W3
3 Wester, Randy 1890 3 W8 D1 W10 D5 L2
4 Kanike, Uday 1861 3 D2 W6 -H- L1 W7
5 Markin, Arden 1885 2.5 D6 D11 W2 D3 L1
6 Avirneni, Saithanusri 1902 2 D5 L4 L8 D11 W9
7 Kothapalle, Tanish 1837 2 L1 L9 -B- W8 L4
8 Remick, William 1837 2 L3 L2 W6 L7 -X-
9 Hayes, Nathan 1809 2 L10 W7 W11 L2 L6
10 Jiao, Kenneth 1839 1.5 W9 -H- L3 -U- -U-
11 Cox, Douglas 1825 1.5 -H- D5 L9 D6 -F-

Class B

No. Name          Rate Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 Mayhew, Matt 1700 4 -B- W2 D9 D3 W4
2 Grattan-Smith, Robbie 1639 3.5 W5 L1 D11 -X- W6
3 Jagadeesh, Sujay 1641 3 D8 W11 D6 D1 D5
4 Eisenhauer, Stephen 1631 3 W12 D7 -H- -X- L1
5 Jayavel Kumaresan, Kavin 1650 2.5 L2 D12 W10 D7 D3
6 Brown, Clark 1643 2.5 D11 W8 D3 -H- L2
7 Smith, Derek 1796 2 D9 D4 -H- D5 -U-
8 Montgomery, Kelvin 1654 2 D3 L6 D12 D11 D10
9 Manapuram, Eswar Prasad 1645 2 D7 W10 D1 -F- -U-
10 Staples, Richard 1619 2 -H- L9 L5 -B- D8
11 Nugroho, Cahyono 1781 1.5 D6 L3 D2 D8 -U-
12 Sekharan,Advaith 1649 1.5 L4 D5 D8 D2 -N-
13 Fu, Michael 1660 0 -U- -U- -U- -U- -U-

Class C

No. Name          Rate Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 Morse, Anthony 1447 4.5 W8 W9 W7 W3 D5
2 Troutman III, Charles 1585 3.5 D18 W13 D6 W10 D3
3 Atmakuru, Karuna 1564 3.5 W11 -X- W5 L1 D2
4 Watlington, Joel 1560 3.5 L15 W18 W14 D6 W9
5 Gokul, Anshul 1414 3.5 -B- W10 L3 W8 D1
6 Kumar, Anish 1525 3 W14 -H- D2 D4 D7
7 Gellert, Adrian 1446 3 W13 W15 L1 D11 D6
8 Guo, Maxwell 1552 2.5 L1 W16 W15 L5 D12
9 Wright, Jason 1522 2.5 W16 L1 D11 W14 L4
10 Badhe, Om 1501 2.5 W12 L5 W18 L2 D11
11 Wise, Kara 1484 2.5 L3 -B- D9 D7 D10
12 Rajaganesh, Dhruv 1426 2.5 L10 L14 -B- W13 D8
13 Mehta, Raj Chirag 1536 2 L7 L2 W16 L12 W15
14 Fiorillo, Ricardo 1502 2 L6 W12 L4 L9 W16
15 McTigue, William J 1508 1.5 W4 L7 L8 -H- L13
16 Taylor, Phillip 1500 1 L9 L8 L13 -B- L14
17 Meacham, Marquette 1475 1 -B- -F- -U- -U- -U-
18 Marmer, Daniel 1492 0.5 D2 L4 L10 -U- -U-

Class D

No. Name          Rate Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 Anand, Sanjeev 1348 4 W6 W2 W3 D5 D4
2 Bellayaru, Samarth Rao 1307 3.5 W4 L1 D5 W3 W7
3 Leary, Patrick 1289 3 -B- W7 L1 L2 W5
4 Smith, Jinkinson P 1396 2.5 L2 D6 D7 -B- D1
5 Dineshkumar, Sanjjithsaai 1320 2 D7 -H- D2 D1 L3
6 Raynoe, RJ 1299 2 L1 D4 -B- D7 -U-
7 Zhu, Stephen 1254 1.5 D5 L3 D4 D6 L2

Under 1200 / Unrated

No. Name          Rate Pts   Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 Blackmarr, Harold 1180 4.5   W16 D4 W12 W5 W8
2 Ceelen, Andy 1152 4   W14 W13 W7 W3 -N-
3 Cloud, Jackson 758 4   -B- W6 W5 L2 W9
4 Markin, Hudson 1001 3.5   W10 D1 L6 W14 W12
5 Fiorillo, Andres 1141 3   W18 W8 L3 L1 W13
6 Hill, Katie 1119 3   W19 L3 W4 L8 W15
7 Juarez Jr., Cesar 1063 3   W15 W12 L2 L9 W14
8 Anand, Surya 998 3   W9 L5 W11 W6 L1
9 Boyd, Karen 3   L8 W16 W17 W7 L3
10 Sparks, Eric 1198 2.5   L4 L14 W15 D11 W17
11 McQuillin, Danil 979 2.5   L12 W18 L8 D10 W19
12 Fiorillo, Sergio 1182 2   W11 L7 L1 W17 L4
13 Watson, Archer 992 2   W17 L2 L14 W19 L5
14 Gadi, Varun 765 2   L2 W10 W13 L4 L7
15 Meyer, Jared 401 2   L7 -B- L10 W16 L6
16 Saksena, Arav 845 1.5   L1 L9 -H- L15 -B-
17 Ardiles, Lenny 925 1   L13 W19 L9 L12 L10
18 Raynoe, Sanya 737 1   L5 L11 L19 -B- -U-
19 Mydukur, Amit 617 1   L6 L17 W18 L13 L11
20 Fu, David 654 0   -U- -U- -U- -U- -U-



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