Georgia Open 2014

Georgia Open 2014 – Results

By Laura Doman

Decisions, decisions. As a competitive chess player, do you want to play in a tournament with a high number of rounds and a short time format (G/45) or one with fewer rounds but longer game times (G/120)?  If you played in the 2014 Georgia Open, you would have had the opportunity to do both.

Approximately 100 adult and scholastic players converged at the Hotel Wyndham Atlanta Galleria on October 17-19, 2014 to compete in the seven round, variable time control tournament. Similar to the US Open, the Georgia Open featured one large section, but with multiple underclasses. Rounds 1 and 2 were G/45, rounds 3-5 were G/90, and rounds 6 and 7 were G/120. While some surveyed afterwards found the changing round times a bit confusing, most participants said that they enjoyed the variety of playing formats, as well as the opportunity to play against a wider base of skilled opponents than they would have in a more standard tournament.

New to Georgia Chess was the ability to stream select games live to viewers in the Skittles room.  Thanks to Chacha DeJava of Chapel Hill, NC who brought the technology with him to the Georgia Open, 54 games were broadcasted live during the tournament and made available afterwards on the Internet via this link:

As GCA president Fun Fong noted on the GCA Facebook page, “You have our deepest appreciation!”

Most participants were local Georgians, but others came from North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, and Texas. Congratulations to Ron Burnett of Tennessee for winning 6.5 points and the top prize. Damir Studen and Reece Thompson, both of Georgia, each scored 6 points and placed second and third, respectively. Grant Oen of Georgia placed fourth with 5.5 points, Jhonel Baniel of Florida placed fifth  with 5.5 points, and Preston Lee of Georgia took sixth place, also with 5.5 points. Tie-breaks between the following players with 5 points each determined seventh through tenth place winners:  Shanmukha Meruga (Georgia), Alan Piper (Georgia), Maxwell Feng (Georgia), and Kevis Tsao (South Carolina).

Winners in all sections but the Under 1200 took cash prizes and trophies. The Under 1200 section winners collected trophies only.

Chief Tournament Director Ben Johnson said, “This was a very interesting tournament and quite different from my usual world of scholastic chess in that there was only one claim made of touch move but multiple requests to replace broken pens by players recording their games.  I also became the designated pencil sharpener since I was carrying a penknife and could use it to sharpen one young participant’s pencil!  I think the younger participants learned some valuable lessons in taking their time and really studying positions before making a move.  The top players rarely move in less than a minute and often take as long to study one move as the typical scholastic player takes to play a whole game.”

Ben and Fun Georgia Open 2014

Complete results below. Additional pictures are available from the Georgia Chess Association Facebook page.

No. Name St Rate Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5 Rnd6 Rnd7
1 Burnett, Ronald Wa TN 2468 6.5 W58 W18 W26 W14 W3 D2 W8
2 Studen, Damir GA 2378 6 W79 W15 W45 D4 W5 D1 W7
3 Thompson, Reece Er GA 2116 6 W50 W35 W16 W8 L1 W12 W9
4 Oen, Grant GA 2066 5.5 W32 W25 W19 D2 D9 D20 W15
5 Baniel, Jhonel Bal TX 1912 5.5 W61 W31 D7 W53 L2 W35 W20
6 Lee, Preston GA 1807 5.5 W51 L11 W79 W31 -H- W18 W14
7 Meruga, Shanmukha GA 1928 5 W49 W23 D5 W42 D10 W21 L2
8 Piper, Alan G GA 2012 5 W67 W33 W11 L3 W25 W19 L1
9 Feng, Maxwell GA 1836 5 W55 D48 W77 W46 D4 W10 L3
10 Tsao, Kevis SC 2082 5 -H- W41 W54 W30 D7 L9 W39
11 Mishra, Prateek GA 1646 5 W91 W6 L8 L16 W73 W27 W30
12 Zhu, Neo NC 1785 5 W74 D43 W34 W17 -H- L3 W41
13 Dasari, Samhitha GA 1601 5 W85 -H- D27 W89 W17 L14 W25
14 Kayma, Thomas GA 2016 4.5 W47 W38 W28 L1 D15 W13 L6
15 Nastasio, Davide GA 1779 4.5 W70 L2 W32 W36 D14 W33 L4
16 Panda, Vedic GA 1809 4.5 W29 W82 L3 W11 L20 D32 W56
17 Perry, Zachery PA 2014 4.5 W52 W20 D30 L12 L13 W40 W37
18 Prichard, Scott F GA 1703 4.5 W75 L1 W60 D27 W34 L6 W48
19 Nicol, Clayton GA 1817 4.5 W83 W36 L4 W28 W44 L8 D21
20 Del Mundo, Hercules GA 1685 4.5 W71 L17 W73 W45 W16 D4 L5
21 King, Adrian GA 1744 4.5 L82 W70 W83 W37 W22 L7 D19
22 Remickjr, William GA 1884 4.5 W60 L28 W47 W23 L21 -H- W44
23 Kenner, Carlo A GA 1676 4.5 W76 L7 W63 L22 W59 D29 W55
24 Lee, Spencer GA 1773 4.5 W65 D34 D48 L44 -H- W46 W53
25 De Credico, Richard TN 1762 4 W81 L4 W49 W48 L8 W53 L13
26 Kanike, Uday Kumar GA 4 W44 W89 L1 D38 D27 -H- D33
27 Ye, George GA 1868 4 W59 D54 D13 D18 D26 L11 W58
28 Montgomery, Kelvin GA 1630 4 W40 W22 L14 L19 L29 W43 W63
29 Raynoe, Rj NC 1211 4 L16 W87 L36 W49 W28 D23 D31
30 Austin, John D GA 1810 4 W63 W37 D17 L10 W77 -H- L11
31 Raj, Akshay GA 1668 4 W64 L5 W65 L6 -H- W51 D29
32 Kelly, Skyler Patr GA 1385 4 L4 W71 L15 W63 W88 D16 D42
33 Jones, Richard S GA 1691 4 W80 L8 D59 W52 W46 L15 D26
34 Fu, Michael Y GA 1528 4 W86 D24 L12 W62 L18 W69 D35
35 Virani, Arish GA 1711 4 W69 L3 W61 W81 -H- L5 D34
36 Sekar, Jayashree GA 1631 4 W95 L19 W29 L15 W65 L39 W59
37 Vijayasankar, Siddharth GA 1493 4 W97 L30 W80 L21 W81 W38 L17
38 Hayes, Nathan Alex GA 1706 4 W57 L14 W51 D26 -H- L37 W60
39 Staples, Richard GA 1735 4 D68 W90 L46 D59 W50 W36 L10
40 Gordon, Isaac GA 870 4 L28 L49 W64 W60 W58 L17 W61
41 Jayavel Kumaresan, Kavin GA 1612 4 W96 L10 -H- D69 W68 W45 L12
42 Manzo, Brian Patri GA 1700 4 -H- W84 W43 L7 -F- W47 D32
43 Stojanov, Peter GA 681 3.5 W56 D12 L42 D94 D47 L28 W79
44 Ming, Thomas David GA 1547 3.5 L26 W66 W82 W24 L19 -H- L22
45 Reinker, James GA 1821 3.5 W73 W94 L2 L20 W61 L41 D50
46 Kanaparti, Sreekar GA 1450 3.5 D72 W62 W39 L9 L33 L24 W74
47 Dai, Hongping NC 1344 3.5 L14 W76 L22 W66 D43 L42 W70
48 Sitaraman, Karthik GA 1500 3.5 W92 D9 D24 L25 -H- W57 L18
49 Wright, Jason Robe GA 1302 3.5 L7 W40 L25 L29 D82 W75 W69
50 Smith, Jinkinson P GA 1337 3.5 L3 D69 W72 D78 L39 W62 D45
51 Gokul, Anshul GA 1295 3.5 L6 W96 L38 W71 -H- L31 W68
52 Kumar, Anish GA 1324 3.5 L17 W64 -H- L33 D62 D68 W71
53 Dasari, Shyam GA 1480 3.5 W87 -H- W78 L5 -X- L25 L24
54 Senthilkumar, Easwar GA 1620 3.5 W93 D27 L10 D68 -H- L55 W72
55 Anand, Sanjeev GA 1274 3.5 L9 -H- L69 W84 W90 W54 L23
56 Potluri, Eeshwar S GA 1509 3.5 L43 L81 -H- W72 W74 W70 L16
57 Senthilkumar, Girish GA 1067 3.5 L38 L79 W96 W83 -H- L48 W73
58 Iliev, Kamen GA 1361 3 L1 W75 L89 W82 L40 W65 L27
59 Zaimov, Ekaterina GA 1292 3 L27 W92 D33 D39 L23 W80 L36
60 Gill, Keerthan Singh NC 1293 3 L22 W85 L18 L40 W64 W88 L38
61 Astrov, Nikolai NC 1303 3 L5 W93 L35 W75 L45 W81 L40
62 De Credico, Zsofia TN 1110 3 D78 L46 W84 L34 D52 L50 W80
63 Morrison, Brett Da GA 1225 3 L30 -X- L23 L32 W86 W79 L28
64 Devalapalli, Pranav GA 964 3 L31 L52 L40 W85 L60 W87 W83
65 Rezaei, Nima GA 1245 3 L24 W95 L31 W79 L36 L58 W86
66 Leary, Patrick Rob GA 1201 3 L89 L44 W87 L47 L80 W85 W84
67 Venkat, Jeeva Pala GA 1301 3 L8 L80 W91 L70 L71 W93 W88
68 Mishra, Pranit GA 1149 2.5 D39 L77 W88 D54 L41 D52 L51
69 Doman, Rachel GA 1105 2.5 L35 D50 W55 D41 -H- L34 L49
70 Jampala, Monish GA 1189 2.5 L15 L21 W86 W67 -H- L56 L47
71 Krishna, Nikhel GA 989 2.5 L20 L32 W95 L51 W67 D73 L52
72 Shafer, Timothy GA 2.5 D46 L78 L50 L56 W91 W90 L54
73 Dai, Michael Zhengxin NC 1274 2.5 L45 -X- L20 W80 L11 D71 L57
74 Anjum, Aafreen GA 1193 2.5 L12 -H- W90 L77 L56 W76 L46
75 Nord, Max GA 1016 2.5 L18 L58 W85 L61 -H- L49 W90
76 Casagrande, Isabella GA 974 2.5 L23 L47 D92 W91 L79 L74 W93
77 Schmuggerow, Tyler GA 1647 2.5 D84 W68 L9 W74 L30 -U- -U-
78 Jagadeesh, Sujay GA 1749 2.5 D62 W72 L53 D50 -H- -U- -U-
79 Kanaparti, Sreyas GA 1406 2 L2 W57 L6 L65 W76 L63 L43
80 Anand, Surya GA 825 2 L33 W67 L37 L73 W66 L59 L62
81 Panuganti, Supratik GA 1131 2 L25 W56 W94 L35 L37 L61 -N-
82 Panuganti, Ritvik GA 1072 2 W21 L16 L44 L58 D49 D83 -N-
83 Rajaganesh, Dhruv GA 1295 2 L19 W86 L21 L57 -H- D82 L64
84 Tong, Zachary Pan GA 817 2 D77 L42 L62 L55 -H- W91 L66
85 De Credico, Winston TN 817 2 L13 L60 L75 L64 -B- L66 W92
86 Chong, Jayden GA 935 2 L34 L83 L70 W87 L63 W95 L65
87 Kanaparti, Sreenivas GA 2 L53 L29 L66 L86 W92 L64 W95
88 Vuyyuru, Vaishnavi GA 1017 2 -H- D91 L68 W92 L32 L60 L67
89 Zhou, Justin GA 1767 2 W66 L26 W58 L13 -U- -U- -U-
90 Lagisetti, Akshadha GA 1090 1.5 -H- L39 L74 W93 L55 L72 L75
91 Mahapatra, Samarth GA 811 1.5 L11 D88 L67 L76 L72 L84 -X-
92 Rajanala, Nithya S GA 279 1.5 L48 L59 D76 L88 L87 -X- L85
93 Potluri, Pranav Sa GA 842 1.5 L54 L61 -H- L90 W95 L67 L76
94 Potluri, Aditya GA 1500 1.5 W98 L45 L81 D43 -U- -U- -U-
95 Raghuram, Akshur GA 774 1 L36 L65 L71 -B- L93 L86 L87
96 Saksena, Arav NJ 771 0.5 L41 L51 L57 -H- -N- -F- -F-
97 Muzquiz, John Mich GA 0 L37 -F- -U- -U- -U- -U- -U-
98 Smith, Sierra Chri GA 0 L94 -F- -U- -U- -U- -U- -U-
99 Mosley, Richard R FL 1647 0 -U- -U- -U- -U- -U- -U- -U-
100 Watkinsjr, J Parn GA 1332 0 -U- -U- -U- -U- -U- -U- -U-


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