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Senior Open 2014 Results

By Laura Doman

Results Complied and Supplied by Fun Fong and Greg Maness

Twenty seniors played in the 2014 Georgia Senior Open, which was held on Saturday and Sunday, September 20-21 at the Wyndham Atlanta Galleria Hotel. The Senior Open offered opportunities for play in multiple rated sections over both days and a non-rated section for those wishing to play only on Sunday.

Top rated player Mark Hoshor won all four rounds in the Championship section and received free entry to the 2015 Georgia State Championship. Christopher Ferrante claimed second place and Van Vandivier took third.

In the Under 1800 section, Hercules De Mundo placed first, Satnam Johal took second, and Victor Suich placed third. Among the non-rated players, Ron Carter won the first place trophy, Pg Benoit took second, and James Tarpley placed third.

Thank you to all the seniors who came out to play on the first beautiful weekend of the new fall season!  We look forward to hosting you again next year.


No. Name Rate Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4
1 Hoshor, Mark 2227 4 W6 W5 W4 W3
2 Ferrante, Christopher 1953 3 L3 -B- W5 -B-
3 Vandivier, Van 1984 2 W2 L4 -X- L1
4 Perry, Zachery 2000 1.5 D5 W3 L1 -U-
5 DeCredico, Richard 1803 0.5 D4 L1 L2 -U-
6 Payne, Adrian T 1900 0.5 L1 -H- -F- -U-


UNDER 1800

No. Name Rate Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4
1 Del Mundo, Hercules 1684 3 W5 -H- D3 W2
2 Johal, Satnam 1366 3 W4 W7 W6 L1
3 Suich, Victor 1510 2.5 D6 D4 D1 W8
4 Kenner, Carlo A 1676 2.5 L2 D3 W8 W7
5 Montgomery, Kelvin 1545 2.5 L1 -B- D7 W6
6 Jones, Richard 1691 1.5 D3 W8 L2 L5
7 Taylor, Phillip 1520 1.5 -B- L2 D5 L4
8 Floyd, Russell 1053 0.5 -H- L6 L4 L3



No. Name Rate Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4
1 CARTER, RON 3 W5 W4 W3 -U-
2 Benoit, Pg 1801 2 -U- -U- W6 W3
3 Tarpley, James 1 -N- W6 L1 L2
4 Duong, Tong 1 W6 L1 -U- -U-
5 Fong, Fun 1478 1 L1 -U- -U- W6
6 Larche, Joseph 0 L4 L3 L2 L5



No. Name Rate Pts Rnd 1
1 Montgomery, Kelvin 1545 0 D2
2 Watkins Jr, James 1332 0 D1





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