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GM Alonso Zapata is GA State Champion 2014

The Georgia State Championship was held Friday-Sunday May 2-4, 2014 at the Atlanta Marriott. With the generosity of Phillip O. Taylor augmenting prize funds, $8,000.00 was awarded to players. There were three sections:

Championship – players above 2000

Reserve – Open to 1999 and below

Scholastic—K-12 players under 1200

Championship: $2000-$1000-$600-$300; U2200: $500- $250. Trophy to top Georgia Resident

There were two Grandmasters playing, GM and Georgia resident Alonzo Zapata and GM Mark Paragua. Congratulations to GM Zapata (4.0, 2540) and GM Paragua (4.0, 2635), who tied for first place. As the Georgia Resident, GM Zapata received the trophy. Ron Burnett (2446), Ruifeng Li (2367), and Damir Studen (2362) all finished with 3.5 points each.

Reserve: $550-$250-$150; U1800 $550-$250-$150; U1600 $450-$200-$100; U1400 $400-$200-$100

Chris Ferrante (4.5, 1969), Patrick Walker (4.5, 1941) and Arthur Guo (4.5, 1865) tied for first place in the Reserve Section. They all split the cash prize. Chris Ferrante would have the trophies on tiebreaks, but both Chris and Patrick decided that young Arthur should get the trophy!

Scholastic: Trophies top three U1200, U1000, U800, U600

Sanjeev Anand (920) won clear first winning all five games. Nicholas Vincent (808) came in second with 4.0 points followed by Davis Elliot Lee (1145) and Akshadha Lagisetti (1022) and Courtney Barlow (647) with 3.5 points each.

Please note: We are experiencing a number of problems in posting the crosstables for this tournament. We apologize for the delay in getting this information to you. Additionally, the games are all currently being loaded into ChessBase by Davide Nastasio and will be available in August. Thank you for your patience.


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