CHESS Queen vs King on beach

Queen and Pawns in the Endgame

By Donny Gray

Many times after a long hard fought battle, your chess game becomes a race to Queen a pawn. But no matter what the position, someone will Queen first. Let’s take a look at some of the resulting endings when someone Queens first.

If both players somehow manage to Queen or if the game just happens to end with Queen vs. Queen, there are several things to consider. When there are no pawns on the board and it is truly a Queen vs. Queen it will be a draw unless it happens to be an exception. Exceptions can occur also with Rooks, but that is for another time.

When the Queen is next to the King it is impossible to separate the two and a draw will be the result. In our first diagram this is clearly shown.

No matter what White tries it is impossible to force a win of the Black Queen.  He can check all he wants but the Black King can just stay close to the Black Queen.

Now for exceptions. There are 2 different types of exceptions in Queen endings: the Winning the Queen kind and the Mate kind.

First let’s take a look at how the Queen can be won.  It can either be on a diagonal or a file. Here it is diagonally.

1. Qf8+ and the Black queen is lost.

The next diagram shows the rare case where you can mate the King with only Queens on the board.