GM Alonso Zapata Wins Southeast Chess Open

Southeast Chess held its first long time control tournament on 5 Apr 2014.  5 rounds, all of game in 120 minutes were held, beginning on Saturday, breaking the Georgia tradition of having a Game 90 first round on Saturday.  The organizers report that this schedule, with no Friday option, was accepted well.  Approximately 52 players attended.  All rounds started on time.  There were 4 Sections, as U1100 was incorporated into U1400.  Ben Johnson was Chief TD, with Jeff Domozick and Grant Oen serving as assistant TDs.



Southeastern Chess has proven that they can organize weekend tournaments effectively.  The tournament drew participants from a number of states: AL, SC, TN, FL, and IL.  Our resident GM, Alonzo Zapata played all 5 rounds, giving people a thrill.  In the Open Section, as expected, GM Zapata won outright, with 4.5 points of 5.  Kevis Tsao got clear second with 4 points, and Chao Zhang got clear third with 3.5 points.  In U2000, Patrick Walker got clear first with 4.5 points, Albert Liang achieved clear second with 3.5 points, and Arden Markin got clear third with 3 points.  In U1700, Kelvin Montgomery got clear first with 4.0 points, Robbie Grattan-Smith, Carlo Kenner, and Justin Zhou ended up in a three way tie for second with 3.5 points, with Robbie winning on tiebreaks.  In U1400, Jonathan Sia placed clear first with 4 points. Rithvik Sarasani and Andrew Cook of Illinois scored 3.5 points, splitting 2nd and 3rd place prizes, with Rithvik winning out on tiebreaks.


OPEN Play-by-Play:

Round One in the Open section was marked with wins of GM Zapata over Meruga, Kevis Tsao over Kapish Potula, Chao Zhang over Jeremy Banta, William Remick, Jr over Amaan Pirani, and Frank Johnson over Saithanusri Avirneni.

Round Two was marked with wins by GM Zapata over Frank Johnson, Saithanusri Avirneni over Kapish Potula, Grant Oen over William Remick, Jr, and Jeremy Banta over Amaan Pirani.  Kevis Tsao and Chao Zhang drew.

Round Three, the last round on Saturday, saw GM Zapata defeat Chao Zhang, Kevis Tsao victorious over Reece Thompson, William Remick, Jr beating Frank Johnson, Kapish Potula besting Amaan Pirani, and Shanmukha Meruga beating Saithanusri Avirneni.

Round Four was known for upsets!  GM Zapata drew Kevis Tsao, Chao Zhang defeated William Remick, Jr. Reece Thompson won over Grant Oen, Kapish Potula upset Frank Johnson, and Saithanusri Avirneni won over Jeremy Banta.

Round Five, the final round saw GM Zapata with a win over Reece Thompson, placing first with 4.5 points. Reece ended the day with 2 points in the face of heavy competition.  Kevis Tsao won over Willam Remick, Jr., maintaining clear second with 4 points.  Chao Zhang beat Kapish Potula to grab clear third with 3.5 points. House player Grant Oen defeated Saithanusri Avirneni to end with 2.5 points. Saithanusri ended the day with 2 points.  Frank Johnson was victorious over Amaan Pirani to garner 2 points.  Shanmukha Meruga defeated Jeremy Banta to end at 2 points.  Most of these younger players are playing a section up from where they were from last year.

No. Name Rate       Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 GM Alonso Zapata 2542 4.5 W10 W9 W3 D2 W4
2 Kevis Tsao 2044 4 W7 D3 W4 D1 W6
3 Chao Zhang 2284 3.5 W11 D2 L1 W6 W7
4 Reece Thompson 2096 2.5 -H- W10 L2 W5 L1
5 Oen, Grant 2103 2.5 -H- W6 -N- L4 W8
6 Remickjr, William 1957 2 W12 L5 W9 L3 L2
7 Kapish Potula 1913 2 L2 L8 W12 W9 L3
8 Saithanusri Avirneni 1884 2 L9 W7 L10 W11 L5
9 Frank Johnson 1995 2 W8 L1 L6 L7 W12
10 Shanmukha Meruga 1976 2 L1 L4 W8 L12 W11
11 Banta, Jeremy E 1915 1.5 L3 W12 -H- L8 L10
12 Amaan Pirani 1793 1 L6 L11 L7 W10 L9


U2000 Play-by-Play:

Round one started off with Patrick Walker defeating Arish Virani.  Arden Markin of Alabama won over Shiraja Abayanathan, Albert Liang bettered Ingrid Guo, Richard De Credico of Tennessee defeated Jinseok Kim, Kenneth Jiao of Alabama was victorious over Samhitha Dasari, and Saad Khan upset Forest Chen of Tennessee.  Nathan Hays drew Clay Polk.

Round two was highlighted with Patrick Walker defeating Albert Liang, Samhitha Dasari coming back to defeat Ingrid Guo, Clay Polk of Mississippi defeating Saad Khan.  Arden Marken drew with Richard De Credico and Forest Chen drew with Nathan Hayes, giving Nathan a second draw.

Round three saw Patrick Walker drawing Arden Markin, Forest Chen winning over Shiraja Abayanathan, Albert Liang defeating Easwer Senthilkumar, Richard De Credico besting Clay Polk, and Saad Khan victorious over Samhitha Dasari.  Arish Virani drew over Nathan Hayes.

Round four on Sunday ended up with Patrick Walker defeating Richard De Credico, Arden Marken victorious over Saad Khan, Forest Chen winning over Clay Polk, Arish Virani over Ingrid Guo, Samitha Dasari won over Easwer Senthilkumar.  Albert Liang drew with Kenneth Jiao.

Round five ended with Patrick Walker winning out over Forest Chen to keep clear first with 4 points. Albert Liang took clear second with 3.5 points, finishing with a win over Arden Markin, who held on to clear third with 3 points. Clay Polk won over Shiraja Abayanathan, accruing 2.5 points.  Easwar Senthilkumar defeated Ingrid Guo, with a tally of 2 points.  Saad Khan drew Nathan Hayes, garnering 2.5 points. Arish Virani drew Samhitha Dasari to pull out 2 points.

No. Name         Rate            Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 Patrick Walker 1889 4.5 W10 W2 D3 W6 W5
2 Albert Liang 1822 3.5 W14 L1 W11 D12 W3
3 Arden Markin 1824 3 W13 D6 D1 W4 L2
4 Saad Khan 1643 2.5 W5 L7 W9 L3 D8
5 Forest Chen 1863 2.5 L4 D8 W13 W7 L1
6 Richard De Credico 1753 2.5 W15 D3 W7 L1 -U-
7 Clay Polk 1855 2.5 D8 W4 L6 L5 W13
8 Nathan Hayes 1563 2.5 D7 D5 D10 -H- D4
9 Samhitha Dasari 1623 2.5 L12 W14 L4 W11 D10
10 Arish Virani 1657 2.5 L1 D13 D8 W14 D9
11 Senthilkumar, Easwer 1569 2 -H- -H- L2 L9 W14
12 Kenneth Jiao 1856 2 W9 -H- -N- D2 -U-
13 Shiraja Abayanathan 1553 1.5 L3 D10 L5 -B- L7
14 Ingrid Guo 1476 1 L2 L9 -B- L10 L11
15 Jinseok Kim 1931 0 L6 -U- -U- -U- -U-


U1700 – Play by Play:   

Round one: Robbie Grattan-Smith won over Larry Bolton.  Carlo Kenner defeated Drew Malott, and Justin Zhou bested Raj Mehta, and GCA Life Member Shyam Dasari upset Stephen Yancey.  Kelvin Montgomery drew South Carolinian James Qu, Stephen Eisenhauer drew Philip Taylor, and Suraj Peramanu drew Alex Berezovsky.

Round two: Kelvin Montgomery asserted himself, winning over Philip Taylor, Stephen Eisenhauer defeated James Qu, Stephen Yancey bounced back to beat Suraj Peramanu, and Shyam Dasari bettered Larry Bolton.  Robbie Grattan-Smith drew Justin Zhou.

Round three: Kelvin Montgomery extended his winning streak, overcoming Philip Taylor, Carlo Kenner defeated Justin Zhou, Stephen Yancey defeated Drew Malott, Shyam Dasari defeated Larry Bolton.  Alex Berezovsky drew James Qu.

Round four: Kelvin Montgomery made it three in a row, defeating Carlo Kenner, Robbie Grattan-Smith defeated Shyam Dasari, Stephen Eisenhauer upset Stephen Yancey, Justin Zhou won over Philip Taylor, Alex Berezovsky beat Raj Mehta, and Suraj Peramanu came back to win over James Qu.  Larry Bolton drew with Drew Malott.

Round five:  In the Sunday afternoon round, Carlo Kenner won over Stephen Yancey, to advance to 3.5 points.  It was not enough to catch the leader. Justin Zhou bettered Stephen Eisenhauer, to tie Carlo at 3.5 points.  Stephen ended up with 3 points and a ratings gain of nearly 100 points!  Alex Berezovsky defeated Shyam Dasari, to finish at 3 points.  Larry Bolton beat Suraj Permanu for 2.5 points.  Drew Malott finished strong over Philip Taylor for a total of a credible 2.5 points.  James Qu got a victory over Raj Mehta to pull out 2 points.  Front-runner Kelvin Montgomery drew Robbie Grattan-Smith, giving him clear first with 4 points and allowing Robbie to engage in a three way tie with 3.5 points.

No. Name         Rate           Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 Kelvin Montgomery 1646 4 D11 W9 W13 W4 D2
2 Robbie Grattan-Smith 1626 3.5 W7 D3 -H- W9 D1
3 Justin Zhou 1498 3.5 W14 D2 L4 W13 W5
4 Kenner, Carlo A 1603 3.5 W8 -H- W3 L1 W10
5 Stephen Eisenhauer 1342 3 D13 W11 -H- W10 L3
6 Alex Berezovsky 1608 3 D12 L13 D11 W14 W9
7 Larry Bolton 1448 2.5 L2 W14 L9 D8 W12
8 Malott, Drew Matth 1400 2.5 L4 -B- L10 D7 W13
9 Shyam Dasari 1349 2 W10 L1 W7 L2 L6
10 Stephen Yancey 1591 2 L9 W12 W8 L5 L4
11 James Qu 1474 2 D1 L5 D6 L12 W14
12 Suraj Peramanu 1413 2 D6 L10 -H- W11 L7
13 Phillip Taylor 1500 1.5 D5 W6 L1 L3 L8
14 Raj Mehta 1325 1 L3 L7 -B- L6 L11


U1400 Play-by-Play:

Round one: Jason Wright won over Srihitha Dasari, Jim Cabaniss defeated Issac Gordon, Rithvik Sarasani beat Hudson Markin of Alabama, Ted Davis bettered Nnamdi Nwokedi, and Michael Dudley of Florida defeated Jonathan Sia.

Round two: Jim Cabaniss made it two in a row defeating Jason Wright. Jonathan Sia began his winning streak with Andrew Cook of Illinois as his first victim, Rithvik Sarasani got his second win over Michael Dudley, Ted Davis won over Girish Senthilkumar, Srihitha Dasari marked a win over Issac Gordon, and Nnamdi Nwokedi defeated Hudson Markin.

Round three: Jason Wright came back to beat Ted Davis, Jonathan Sia defeated Nnamdi Nwokedi for his second win, Andrew Cook came back to win over Issac Gordon, and Srihitha Dasari defeated Girish Senthilkumar.

Round four: Sunday morning play saw Jason Wright get his third win, winning over Rithvik Sarasani, Jonathan Sia defeating Srihitha Dasari, Andrew Cook bettering Hudson Markin, Nnamdi Nwokedi over Michael Dudley, and Girish senthilkumar over Issac Gordon.

Round five:  Jonathan Sia won out over Jason Wright to get 4 victories, 4 points for clear first.   Jason finished with a respectable 3 points.  Rithvik Sarasani won over Srihitha Dasari, tying for second with 3.5 points.  Andrew Cook defeated Jim Cabaniss to tie for second with 3.5 points.  Jim finished with a respectable 3 points.  Nnamdi Nwokedi bettered Girish Senthilkumar to finish with 3 points.  Hudson Markin finished with a win over Issac Gordon, allowing him to pull out 2 points.

No. Name          Rate            Pts Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5
1 Jonathan Sia 1082 4 L9 W3 W6 W8 W4
2 Rithvik Sarasani 1277 3.5 W10 W9 D5 L4 W8
3 Cook, Andrew H 3.5 -H- L1 W12 W10 W5
4 Jason Wright 1267 3 W8 L5 W7 W2 L1
5 Jim Cabaniss 1238 3 W12 W4 D2 D7 L3
6 Nwokedi, Nnamdi 3 L7 W10 L1 W9 W11
7 Ted Davis 1173 3 W6 W11 L4 D5 -H-
8 Srihitha Dasari 972 2 L4 W12 W11 L1 L2
9 Michael Dudley 2 W1 L2 -H- L6 -H-
10 Hudson Markin 1004 2 L2 L6 -B- L3 W12
11 Girish Senthilkumar 836 1.5 -H- L7 L8 W12 L6
12 Isaac Gordon 0 L5 L8 L3 L11 L10



This weekend tournament was a significant test for Southeast Chess and they were up to the challenge.  They attracted over 50 players, and attracted a number of players from neighboring states.  There was good competition for those playing, and there were several good performances.  Players got to see GM play.  Southeast Chess will be able to attract a following at this rate and will be able to continue if they choose to do so.  The Georgia chess community will be better with Southeast Chess in the mix.

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