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In our efforts to continue to grow and improve, Georgia Chess Association would like to take this moment to announce one particularly exciting development that has recently launched.

As many of you know, the Georgia Chess magazine has consistently been recognized as one of the top chess magazines in the country for many years. The current GC editor, Mark Taylor, has continued that legacy thanks to his hard work, dedication, and passion for Georgia chess. In the next month, however, Mark will be stepping down as editor. We thank him for his many years of service to our organization.

His forthcoming departure prompted us to evaluate the way in which we communicate with our members and the chess community at large. We considered the ways to create and support an actively engaged chess community, provide important information in a timely manner, and reach out to larger audiences.

It is our pleasure to announce, an online resource that provides the latest tournament results, news, game analyses, features, op-eds, and player profiles. This source is free to all and, we hope, will demonstrate the breadth and depth of Georgia’s chess community.

Whereas the print magazine limited us to a select audience, restricted our content to a set number of pages, and could only be published every other month, GeorgiaChessNews is unlimited in its potential to reach an audience, unrestricted in our content possibilities, and unencumbered by the delay in providing information due to a publication and mailing schedule. All are invited to submit content for the website, photos from tournaments, personal game analyses, or opinion pieces written by old or young.

Please take a look at and enjoy the articles and reviews by some of the same columnists that were featured in the print magazine. Under the leadership of our newly appointed Editor, Tricia Hill, and Assistant Editor, Carlos Perdomo, we are looking forward to expanding our content to meet your interests.  Please feel free to send your suggestions to

We would like to continue printing one large physical magazine issue a year, a “Best of” the calendar year, featuring the highlights from the e-magazine. We need to, however, find someone with a passion for chess and who would enjoy applying his or her talents to edit and produce an annual capstone issue of Georgia Chess.  If this editorial position appeals to you, please email us at

This is an exciting transitional time for the Georgia Chess Association and we look forward to delivering relevant and up-to-date news to our members in a timely manner.  We hope you enjoy


Fun Fong

President, Georgia Chess Association

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    • Scott Young says:

      Well , I like the on-line format but will miss the paper mag! Hope to see the games with the reports and results. The TOP BOARD is good but would like to see many more scores. That said , good job and look forward to future issues.

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