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March 12, 2017 • Event Announcements, Featured, Features, From The President, News, Scholastics, Tournaments94

Postponement of the 1st Annual Rex Demers Individual / Team...

By Fun Fong, GCA President It is with a heavy heart that due to circumstances beyond my control we were not able to hold the 1st Annual Rex Demers Individual/Team Scholastic Championship. We are POSTPONING...


March 4, 2017 • Booked Up, Featured, Features, Top Board730

Review: The Wicked Veresov Attack, by Andrew Martin

By Davide Nastasio I would like to tell a funny anecdote that happened today. I wanted to know more about the Veresov, and Andrew Martin is a very pragmatic teacher.  He really provides a broad base of basic...


March 4, 2017 • Booked Up, Featured, Features, Top Board384

Review: Crushing Isolated Queen’s pawn tactics, By Robert Ris

By Davide Nastasio The topic of this DVD is absolutely a MUST-KNOW for anyone who is serious about chess. There is no excuse. Nonetheless, I must admit my personal reluctance in entering the study of such a...


March 4, 2017 • Booked Up, Featured, Features, Top Board626

Review: Revision & Exam, The Fundamentals 1, by Artur Yusupov

By Davide Nastasio Quality Chess 2016, 208 pages I must tell you a strange story of which I am the subject. I heard the mailman coming and I went to get the mail.  Nothing new.  It happens everyday.  Then...


March 4, 2017 • Booked Up, Featured, Features, Top Board1358

Review: Improve your Tactics with Tania Sachdev

By Davide Nastasio This is the second DVD authored by IM Sachdev. The first was on how to improve one’s positional game, and better understand and evaluate games through positional concepts and the...


March 3, 2017 • Booked Up, Featured, Features, Top Board576

Review: The Sicilian Dragon Move by Move, by Carsten Hansen

By Davide Nastasio Everyman Chess, 2016 464 pages One of my desires, written in a hypothetical bucket list, would be to play the Sicilian. From time to time I try and then give up, because the next tournament...


March 1, 2017 • Booked Up, Featured, Features, Top Board542

Review: Your Opponent is Overrated – a practical guide to...

By Davide Nastasio Everyman Chess 2016, 220 pages This title made me curious, because in some of the open tournaments I play I find a lot of sandbaggers who are underrated, and I wish they were overrated! I...


March 1, 2017 • Booked Up, Featured, Features, Top Board207

Review: Chessbase Magazine 175

By Davide Nastasio Generally I don’t review magazines, because they are not like books: they get outdated with time.  In this case, however, I must make an exception. Why? Because in this Chessbase...


March 1, 2017 • Booked Up, Featured, Features, Top Board427

Review: Improve your Chess with Tania Sachdev

By Davide Nastasio Often we don’t pay attention to pearls of wisdom which are given us daily. We spend time debating if what makes someone a master is who calculates 10 moves ahead, or who has learned...


March 1, 2017 • Endgame Fundamentals, Featured, Features, Top Board85

Endgame Fundamentals: Forcing Moves

By Donny Gray Forcing moves are moves that limit your opponent’s responses to a very limited amount of moves. If your opponent only has one response to your last move, then that was a very forcing move!  Of...


February 7, 2017 • Featured, Features, Rankings, Scholastics, Tournament Results, Tournaments618

Metro Atlanta K-8 Team State Qualifier 2017

By Laura Doman Chess, simuls, cool customized t-shirts, and chess paraphenalia galore. Add nearly a thousand kids, their parents, a sibling or two (OK, maybe a hundred), a few dozen chess coaches, and a cadre...


February 1, 2017 • Featured, Features366

The Gold Coin Game

By Davide Nastasio Recently I began writing on a new chess blog (, with a group of passionate chess players: Peter Giannatos and Grant Oen, just to mention a few names...

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